Kaleidoscope (2CD/DVD)

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Fourth studio album from the prog "supergroup" of Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater), Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings), Neal Morse (ex-Spock's Beard), and Pete Trewavas (Marillion).  Like the previous albums expect marathon length pure prog rock that reflects back onto the golden age.  The title track is 32 minutes long!

This is the 2CD/DVD Deluxe edition.

Track List:

Main Disc:

1    Into the Blue                                          25:11
2    Shine                                                       7:26
3    Black as the Sky                                       6:43
4    Beyond the Sun                                        4:29 
5    Kaleidoscope                                          31:53
TOTAL TIME: 75:43      

Bonus Disc:
1    And You and I                                         10:43
2    I Can't Get It Out of My Head                   4:43
3    Conquistador                                            4:10
4    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road                      3:16
5    Tin Soldier                                               3:21
6    Sylvia                                                      3:49
7    Indiscipline                                              4:43
8    Nights In White Satin                                6:12

Making of Kaleidoscope DVD – Full length DVD behind the scenes of the writing and recording of this amazing album. Running time 1 hour and 26 minutes. Edited by Randy George. NTSC Region Free

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  • "If La-Ventura hadn’t named their second full-length album White Crow, the word "testament" would have been a fitting alternative. That’s because it’s been almost 5 years since the Dutch melodic metal quartet released their critically acclaimed debut album A New Beginning. Sure, they released an EP between then and now, but La-Ventura have kept a low profile while working on their new material. Their online presence all but vanished – usually a fatal sign in this age of constant updates via Facebook and social media – and many international fans, including myself, wondered whether the band had split up. Thus, the fact that La-Ventura are still around is welcome news. And hearing the pulse of their music again on White Crow is like visiting an old friend who’s changed a bit since you two last met.What do I mean by "changed"? Well, White Crow presents a major shift in La-Ventura’s music. Instead of continuing the moody, gothic-like atmospheres of A New Beginning, the band focuses on guitars and vocals. (This may be because La-Ventura never replaced keyboardist Marco van Boven after he left the band.) So, on White Crow we hear more of Sasha Kondic’s nu-metal-esque riffs and the rhythm section’s throbbing and grooving, while keyboards highlight only certain moments on a few tracks. The production and mix quality have improved dramatically since A New Beginning, perhaps because La-Ventura opted not to self-produce the new record. This time, they worked with producer Didier Chesneau (Headline, Asylum Pyre) and mastering engineering Bruno Gruel (Septic Flesh, Asylum Pyre). The result is a sharper, thicker sound that augments the guitarwork and pushes the keyboards further into the background. Most of the melody on White Crow, therefore, comes from singer Carla (Douw) van Huizen. She thrives on the band’s intensity, and her mature voice and melancholy tones suit the new sound just as well as they fit La-Ventura’s earlier style.La-Ventura’s evolution is apparent as soon as White Crow begins. Kick-off track "Falling Down" is easily one of the band’s grittiest songs to date, with Kondic’s riff-ripping and new drummer Renzo van Poecke stabbing at the slow tempo. Van Huizen’s powerful chorus and the closing sonic eruption turn this track into an instant La-Ventura classic. "Human Vanity" takes a similar path but is more uptempo and contains one of the album’s best sing-along refrains ("You and I, we need / Something that’s compatible / Something that’s real"). La-Ventura, however, save their most searing arrangements and starkest contrasts for "Song For An Idiot." All of the band’s elements converge to portray the anger, frustration, and despair in van Huizen’s lyrics. "Time and Time Again," "Neverending Story," and "The Only One" also show how La-Ventura’s music has ripened.A few tracks on White Crow hearken back to the days of A New Beginning. The title track begins with a delicate piano / synthesizer intro before the full band comes crashing in. "Drowning," on the other hand, uses keyboards throughout as well as off-beat drumming and a cascading, mystical synth line. Van Huizen uses the full breadth of her range here, enhancing the lyrics’ anguish. The one song on White Crow that brings together the old and new of La-Ventura is "Close To You." The main guitar hook has a loose, alternative metal feel, and synths peek their way through on the verses and final bridge. Then the song ends with van Huizen crying out over bursting guitars and a shrieking last-second solo – a bold move La-Ventura didn’t dare to take on A New Beginning.For the most part, La-Ventura have taken the right steps forward on White Crow. Listen to both of their albums back to back and you’ll notice the difference, especially in the quality of the sound mix. The keyboards and treble dominated on A New Beginning and oversaturated the music, whereas White Crow’s concentration on metal and melody feels more natural and gives the listener a better idea of how La-Ventura may sound live. In the end, though, I still prefer A New Beginning over White Crow. Tracks like "Trefoil," "Only Love Will Find Its Way," and "Memoria" from the former album aren’t just well-written and memorable. They also drip with emotion and earnestness that the listener can feel. That extra touch is often what separates a great song from a good song. And unfortunately, the strongest tracks on White Crow don’t breach that difference, despite how catchy or tight they may be.Still, White Crow is a solid release and one that La-Ventura fans should be pleased with. It retains enough of the familiar melodic focus from A New Beginning, particularly van Huizen’s ardent vocals, while adding more musical crunch and distortion. And although White Crow may not move listeners the way that A New Beginning did, the passion we originally heard from La-Ventura still runs through the music’s veins. Of course, the passion has manifested itself in a different manner this time. But that quality is essential is making good music in any genre. And with White Crow, one of The Netherlands’ most promising female-fronted bands gives us another full-bodied dose of it." - Sonic Cathedral
  • "It only seems like a couple of weeks since Caravan announced in August 2013 that they were to record a new album that would be financed by money pledged by fans, and yet here it is already!What should have been a joyous time for the band and fans alike was sadly marred by the death of long-time drummer Richard Coughlan on December , however it is fitting that the digital download of the album was released to fans who had pledged on December 20, the day of Richard’s funeral!Musically this has classic Caravan stamped all over it. It is not, however, a hark back to the halcyon days of the 70′s and In the Land of Grey and Pink or For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night, there are not anywhere near as many long instrumental sections in there for a start and the longest song I’ll Be There For You clocks in at a mere 6:14. What we do have here is a stripped down, and updated 2013 version of everything that Caravan fans look for. The classic songwriting is there, as is the excellent musicianship and whimsical lyrics, and let’s face it, with that instantly recognisable, trademark voice, Pye Hastings could re-record Never Mind The Bollocks and it would probably still sound like Caravan.All This Could Be Yours is a belter of an opener, and despite what I said above, this is one track that would not have been out of place on Grey and Pink or Girls Who Grow Plump! With an excellent, albeit short, viola solo from Geoffrey Richardson, and a great hook in the chorus, it skips along merrily in classic Caravan style.One of the ways of financing the album was to get people to pledge extra to go to the studio and get involved in the recording, I don’t want to pour cold water on anything but sadly I think this is where the band have shot themselves ever so slightly in the foot. Despite being a great song, I’m On My Way, has some awful, flat backing vocals in the chorus which almost ruin the song. The same applies to This Is What We Are where a slightly naff chorus comes close to ruining what is otherwise a very strong song, being slightly heavier than we are used to from Caravan including an infectious piano motif and an excellent, soaring guitar solo towards the end.The slower Dead Man Walking is the perfect pacer, leading into the very emotive Farewell My Old Friend. As an ode to the passing of a close friend, this song is made all the more poignant following the death of Richard Coughlan and brings a lump to the throat!In typical Caravan style, no-one is allowed to get too maudlin, as the next two songs Pain in the Arse with the vitriolic closing line ‘I don’t care if you sue me now, you are insane’, and Trust Me I Am A Doctor put the collective tongues firmly back in the cheek. Doctor takes an irreverent stab at a GP, who I’m quite sure, given the amount of names dropped in the song is a real person and should have no difficulty in identifying himself! But it is all done in good fun and I’m sure no umbrage will be taken!The album finishes on a mellow note with the wistful I’ll Be There For You and the title song Paradise Filter which kicks off  really slow and  melancholy with a late night jazz feel, before breaking out into a middle section that is very reminiscent of the instrumental break in The Dog, The Dog, He’s At It Again!Overall this is an excellent return for a band that has been absent from the recording studio for too long (it is ten years since the release of The Unauthorised Breakfast Item in 2003). Not that they have been resting on their laurels as they have still been playing live gigs, but it is nice to know that they can still cut it and write well crafted, catchy and extremely listenable songs.It also proves that the pledging route is a very viable way of financing studio time and album releases, sadly, however, I doubt very much that would work for new bands as you would have to have a name for yourself in order to create the initial interest. Maybe extensive gigging and as the old saying goes ‘paying your dues’ would help. Now there’s an idea (take note potential XFactor and The Voice contestants)!" - jonb52
  • "Royal Hunt’s “Double Live In Japan” is a compilation drawn from two different live albums. The first disc in the set features highlights from “1996 Live”, from the “Moving Target” tour. This was the first tour with D.C. Cooper on lead vocals, with material from the first three Royal Hunt albums. Selections from “Moving Target”, D.C.’s vocal debut; and the first recorded versions of D.C. singing material from “Land Of Broken Hearts” and“Clown In The Mirror”. The second disc is the entire “Closing The Chapter”album, which was a very limited edition, version of the “Paradox” live stage show.The core of the music is provided by composer and keyboard wizard Andre Andersen. By combining his classical background with a love of hard rock, Andre creates a dynamic range of melodic progressive metal. Steen Mogensen also comes from a classical background in addition to adding his vast experience playing bass with a number of Scandinavian hard rock bands. Jacob Kjoer, one of the best session guitarists in Denmark, has been with the band ever since he was asked to play on one of the group’s early recording sessions. D.C. Cooper (the American connection in the group, from Pittsburgh PA) rounds out the quartet with his powerful vocal and performing skills.In the live setting Royal Hunt bring an incredible energy to their material, feeding off the appreciative Japanese fans who fill stadiums to witness the spectacle of a full blown stage show. The electricity of the event is captured on these two different tours, and presented for the first time to American fans.Royal Hunt is something of a phenomenon because they have established themselves as legitimate “stars” in global markets outside of America. In Japan, they are recognized as a major act and their reputation is growing quickly throughout Europe. Now, America gets exposed to the music that has sold almost a million copies worldwide."
  • Remastered edition with bonus tracks."This is the first of Irish guitar virtuoso Gary Moore's true heavy metal albums. Boasting a crisp, aggressive sound, Corridors of Power kicks off with the foot-stomping "Don't Take Me for a Loser," delivers the token power ballad in "Always Gonna Love You," and floors the gas pedal on "Rockin' Every Night." However, the album's climax has to be the epic "End of the World," with it's two-minute long guitar solo intro and vocals courtesy of Cream's Jack Bruce." - Allmusic Guide
  • Well I guess the Odin tape vault has been opened after all these years. In addition to Long Hair Music's SWF release we get this live recording from Maxim club in Schweinfurt, Germany in September 1971. Its a mix of original and voer tunes. Detailed liner notes from Jeff Beer round out the package.
  • New remastered edition of one of the best progressive rock albums of the 70s. This was the first album from keyboardist/composer Luciano Basso. Later on in his career he became a "serious" classical composer abandoning any rock trappings at all. This could best be categorized as classical rock. It is an all instrumental album featuring violin, cello, bass, percussion, and of course Basso's beautiful assortment of grand piano, Mellotron, and organ. There is a real mature quality to the compositions that in some ways echoes that of Banco's Di Terra. Tracks like "Promenade" have a bit of an ELP feel as well. Luckily Basso gives plenty of space to Luigi Campalani's violin so this never feels like a clone. This new mini-lp sleeve edition comes with one bonus track. Highest recommendation. One of the great ones.
  • Second album from the Maryland based djent metal band is an explosion of melody and technicality with some cool ambient atmosphere tossed in. John Petrucci, Guthrie Govan, and Wes Hauch pop up with guest solo spots. High powered stuff showing off why these guys have quickly risen to the top of the djent metal heap.
  • "This is above-par progressive rock fare with obvious stylistic similarities to progressive titans Dream Theater. That being said, Fughu concentrates on bursts of melodic development in between bouts of dizzying coordinated instrumentation for this album. This is a technical musician’s album, through and through, and all instruments are on display. Somewhere in this amalgamation is a sensibility distinctly Argentinean.This is more than the sum of its instrumental parts, with each instrumentalist taking the best of what he can do and melting it into a showy melting pot of songs. The songs don’t exactly cover new ground, as far as musical innovation goes, but they are damn good chunks of progressive rock. One notable thing about the record is the vocals of Santiago Burgi. With a forceful and full voice, as well as a range of expression befitting a Broadway musical singer, Burgi brings a show of his own to songs like “Dead End Start,” “Absence,” “Storm,” and the gentle “Solitude.” While the vocals shine through the album, the mix on “Absence” pushes the vocals back a bit behind the guitars and drums, which is unfortunate and should be remedied on future releases, as the lyrics are hard to discern when lots of instrumentation is present.Also of note are the piano and keyboard parts, lending the bulk of the melodic force on the album. Marcelo Malmierca’s talents make up the majority of the lead parts, as well as the guitar talents of Ariel Bellizio. If you appreciate soulful modern blues-metal guitar solos and rhythm guitar parts with the flair of a modern Yes, there’s much to like. The bass guitar lines of Juanma Lopez are also deceptively skillful and showy at times. The drum work reeks of Mike Portnoy’s style, but Ale Lopez’s percussive talents are undeniable and add the necessary backbone of the album. On the album’s longest track, “Pain_Craving_Broken_Stop,” the band fires on all cylinders and gives an all-star closer to the album, moving from a delicate piano beginning to an exciting two climaxes before and after the middle of the 10-minute song. Further, the instrumental sections are monstrous and take the album to its highest heights.This Argentinean brew has substantial musical counterpoints to the metal aspect of it, while maintaining a triumphant feel and complex musical heights. Fun and full of life, “Absence” is a fulfilling album you will keep coming back to time and again." - Metal Underground
  • Recent effort is actually a return to their eariler proggier sound. All the Saga fans I know totally dig this one!
  • "The second live DVD release by the outstanding art-rock band from Poland. Believe's music appeals to the lovers of Collage, Satellite, Porcupine Tree or Pink Floyd. This concert was recorded in November 2011 in Wyspianski Theater in Poland. The DVD also includes over 100 minutes of additional video material: 2 bootleg videos, an interview with Mirek Gil and Karol Wr+Ýblewski, and "Music for One Leg" documentary!"
  • "Two legendary prog-rock albums of the seventies, completely re-mixed and digitally remastered by the man who conceived, recorded, produced and wrote most of the material, David Rohl. This 2CD digipack edition comprises Mandalaband, the 1975 album which featured most of the musicians who would go on to form Sad Café, plus vocalist David Durant, plus The Eye Of Wendor - Prophecies, a concept album with contributions from a host of stars, with musical and vocal contributions from Barclay James Harvest, 10cc, Justin Hayward (The Moody Blues), Maddy Prior (Steeleye Span), Noel Redding (Jimi Hendrix Experience), Sad Café and the Hallé Orchestra. The digipack edition includes previously unreleased bonus material on both CDs, plus a 16-page booklet."