Demons & Wizards

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Metal/Hard Rock
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Jon Schaffer, guitarist for Iced Earth unites with Blind Guardian's singer extraordinare Hansi Kursch. Sounds just like you think it would - like Iced Earth fronted by Hansi. Got a problem with that?

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  • Yeah crazy packaging always means crazy expensive but you get a lot for your money. This is a 2 DVD/CD set that comes housed in a spiffy steel case. The main concert was filmed in St. Petersburg, Russia. It apperas to be a full set (it clocks in at 103 minutes). There is a load of bonus material - documentary and live footage that totals 204 minutes. The CD is a 68 minute extract from the performance in St. Petersburg. Don't forget - this is a PAL format disc.
  • Fates Warning guitarist goes new age with the help of Michael Mannring, Mark Zonder, and Charles Bisharat.
  • Perhaps most similar to Dreamspace, this is powermetal for the serious listener.
  • New power metal supergroup uniting former Helloween members Roland Grapow (guitars), Uli Kusch (drums) with the incredible Jorn Lande (Ark) on vocals. Former Iron Savior bassist Jan. S. Eckert and keyboarder Axel Mackenroot round out the lineup. Just as you would expect this is a balanced presentation of melodic epic powermetal with traditional overtones.
  • First (and best) two albums from this important Brazilian band. Angel's Cry introduced the band to the world and brought us Andre Matos. Its a fine album but the next one is really something special. Holy Land is their second album and is an amazing amalgam of progressive/power metal and Brazilian musical themes. To the best of my knowledge the albums are no longer in print individually.
  • Brazilian melodic metallers ANGRA celebrated the 20th anniversary of the release of their 1993 debut album, "Angels Cry", with a special concert on August 25 at HSBC Brasil in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The show, which was recorded for a DVD, featured guest appearances by Tarja Turunen (NIGHTWISH) and Uli Jon Roth (SCORPIONS).ANGRA's setlist was as follows:01. Angels Cry02. Nothing to Say03. Waiting Silence04. Lisbon05. Time06. Millennium Sun (intro w/ Kiko Loureiro on keyboards)07. Winds of Destination (intersection w/ Kiko Loureiro on keyboards)08. Gentle Change09. The Voice Commanding You (Rafael Bittencourt on vocals)10. Late Redemption11. Silence and Distance (intro w/ Kiko Loureiro on keyboards)Acoustic set12. Reaching Horizons (Rafael Bittencourt on vocals)13. Unholy Wars / Caça e Caçador (Rafael Bittencourt and Kiko Loureiro on vocals)14. A Monster in Her Eyes (Rafael Bittencourt and Kiko Loureiro on vocals)15. Make Believe (Rafael Bittencourt and Kiko Loureiro on vocals)Encore:16. No Pain for the Dead (with Familia Lima on strings)17. Stand Away (Tarja Turunen on vocals and Familia Lima on strings)18. Wuthering Heights (Kate Bush cover) (Tarja Turunen on vocals and Uli Jon Roth on guitar)19. Evil Warning (Amílcar Christófaro on drums)Encore 2:20. Unfinished Allegro (Familia Lima on strings)21. Carry On22. Rebirth23. The Sails Of Charon (SCORPIONS cover) (Uli Jon Roth on guitar and Rafael Bittencourt on vocals)24. In Excelsis25. Nova Era 
  • The return of Fates Warning's original vocalist manifested in this 27 minute EP. Only two epic tracks of progressive metal features an incredible backing band: Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Jim Matheos (Fates Warning), Joey Vera (Fates Warning).
  • New German edition of APSOG arrives at a budget price plus a bonus live DVD (PAL Region 0) of APSOG performed live.
  • Two CD set combines the Freedom Call EP (now expanded) with the great Holy Live album.  This is the only way to get these albums at the moment.  Not available separately.
  • NTSC Region free double DVD set. Total annihilation from this long running German thrash band now reduced down to a core trio of Peavy Wagner, Victor Smolski and Mike Terrana. The first disc is a concert performance from Bochum, Germany on 1/25/04. The second disc features a studio documentary, archival live footage as well as a slew of video clips. This is hot!