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2 1/2 hour long pro-shot DVD filmed at Shepherds Bush Empire on 11/30/10. This was recorded on the Out Of The Tunnels Mouth tour. The usual nice selection of material from the Hackett and Genesis back catalogue augmented by guest appearances by Steven Wilson and John Wetton.

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  • Second solo album from Mirek Gil, guitarist for Believe and Collage. He is backed by members of Believe and Satellite. Vocalist Karol Wroblewski sings in Polish and sounds much more comfortable than on the recent Believe disc. Gil plays with a beautiful expressive style. No keys to get in the way - just six string bliss.
  • Pro-shot complete show from the Motreux Jazz Festival in 2003. I saw them on this tour - they all look like they just crawled out of the crypt but man they can still kick ass. Great set list and an obvious recommendation and not just for nostalgic reasons.
  • "At first glance I was not entirely convinced there was a genuine reason for this release, after all the guitar legend scooped Prog Magazine’s 2013 Progressive Music Award for “Event Of The Year” following another Genesis Revisited sell out performance at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. So why the release of a second CD/DVD box set inside of 12 months capturing his Genesis Revisited tour only this time filmed at the Royal Albert Hall?Any artist/group would choose the Royal Albert Hall over the Hammersmith Odeon just on prestige alone, and maybe Steve choose to record this event for posterity, after all the reaction to the tour – worldwide – has been unprecedented, with more UK dates added in October / November 2014 to satisfy demand.But there must be more to it than that, and there is, a change in the setlist.But this does present something of a quandary for fans. Is it worth buying ‘Live At The Royal Albert Hall’ in addition to ‘Hammersmith’? And if you have neither, which one then is the better buy?The set list was altered for the second leg of the tour, with the ‘Albert Hall’ gig gaining ‘Carpet Crawlers’, ‘The Return Of The Giant Hogweed’, ‘Horizons’, ‘Ripples’ and ‘The Fountain Of Salmacis’ at the expense of Hammersmith’s ‘The Chamber Of 32 Doors’, ‘The Lamia’, ‘Shadow Of The Hierophant’, ‘Blood On The Rooftops’, ‘Entangled’ and ‘Eleventh Earl Of Mar’.In order to re-live such a seminal chapter of prog rock history live on stage for Genesis Revisited, Hackett surrounded himself with a team of exceptional musicians including keyboardist Roger King (Gary Moore, Snoop Dog, Jamelia), Gary O’Toole (Chrissie Hynde, Kylie Minogue) on drums, percussion and vocals, Rob Townsend (Eddie Henderson, Bill Bruford, Django Bates) on sax, flute and percussion, Lee Pomeroy (Rick Wakeman, Take That) on bass, and Nad Sylvan (Abbas’s Michael B Tretow) on vocals.Special guests are Roine Stolt and Amanda Lehmann reprising their respective album contributions on ‘The Return Of The Giant Hogweed’ and ‘Ripples’, Ray Wilson does exceptionally well with lead vocal on ‘Carpet Crawlers’ plus ‘I Know What I Like’, and not to be outdone, a certain John Wetton sings on ‘Firth Of Fifth’.Deconstruct this, analyze it, and then put it all back together again, and then you really have a choice to make, Visually and audibly, there’s little to pick between these stunningly masterful performances, the only choice you have to make, is which songs you want to hear, and being Genesis fans we want to hear them all, so if you have one, buy the other, and if you have none, buy them both, as you will regret it if you don’t." - Planet MoshFull track listing:1. Dance On A Volcano2. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight3. Fly On A Windshield4. Broadway Melody of 19745. Carpet Crawlers (w/ Ray Wilson)6. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed (w/ Roine Stolt)7. The Musical Box8. Horizons9. UnquietSlumbersForTheSleeprs10. In That Quiet Earth11. Afterglow12. I Know What I Like (w/ Ray Wilson)13. Firth of Fifth (w/ John Wetton)14. Ripples (w/ Amanda Lehmann)15. The Fountain of Salmacis16. Supper’s Ready17. Watcher of the Skies18. Los Endos
  • Official 2 CD set put together by the Australian reissue label, Raven Records. This combines all three Go albums: "Go", "Go Live From Paris", and "Go Too". These all appear complete with the original and new liner notes. If you don't know who was in Go here are some of the participants: Klaus Schulze, Al DiMeola, Steve Winwood, Michael Shrieve, Pat Thrall, Rosko Gee, Jess Roden and a lod of other folk.
  • Second album from this Italian band dips heavily into the Genesis school of progressive rock. Former PFM vocalist Bernardo Lanzetti fronts the band for the entire disc and VDGG saxophonist David Jackson contributes to two tracks. Parts of this album sound so much like Genesis it's scary. Highly recommended.
  • New 2CD/DVD edition of the live set filmed at the 013 in Tilburg, Netherlands in October 2008. The 130 set includes a complete performance of "Fear Of A Blank Planet". As to be expected the camera work and overall production is impeccable.
  • After spending some time battling (and winning) a life threatening disease, Andy Latimer has reactivated Camel.  The reassembled lineup consists of Andy Latimer (guitar, flute, keys), Colin Bass (bass), Guy LeBlanc (keyboards), and Denis Clement (drums).  Latimer recently took the band on a short European tour (it will be ongoing in 2014).  I'm not sure of the motivation to re-record The Snow Goose.  Perhaps it was so he had new merch to sell on the tour.  I honestly don't know but here it is.For the most part this new version is quite faithful to the original.  There are some new bits and pieces that integrate well and won't give you pause.  Of course each of the musicians add their own signature to the production.Good to see him back up and running full blast.
  • "The fourth studio album by Mr Gil, a project led by Mirek Gil (ex-Collage, Believe). The album brings the best, the most thoughtful compositions in the history of the band. Mirek Gil wrote wonderful, moving melodies. The words emphasize the atmosphere and tell a story of homecoming - of a travel which sometimes is not easy, but is still beautiful. The sound is perfectly complemented by the cello and piano. As the band explain the idea behind the album: „You can't plan everything. And especially you cannot control what comes out of the human soul. Because it is the need for honesty, friendship and passion that grew into the idea of Mr. Gil's new album. Friends decided to meet again in the studio to complete their story..." And this story started with their album „Light & Sound”, when the band's new improved line-up crystalized: Mirek Gil (guitars), Karol Wróblewski (vocals), Konrad Wantrych (piano, keys) and Paulina Druch (cello). Their album „I Want You to Get Back Home”, recorded in the same line-up, offers 9 brand new tracks. „It’s like coming back home, like a return to peace and warmth” says Mirek Gil. „In our new music, there is a lot of friendship and that was the main idea behind it. Is there anything more important, more beautiful than this? We have managed to learn more about each other. It is in each other that we have found that home”.
  • Digibook edition that is identical in content to the US jewel box edition. Some people like to collect these things... New double album is a continuation of Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth (much of the material was composed during those sessions). The first album also contains a couple of tracks that indicate Steve Howe and Jonathan Mover among the co-writers so I assume this is refurbished and unreleased GTR material. Chris Squire and Simon Phillips also play on the album so its probably taken from the still to be released Squackett album. The bonus disc contains 9 tracks that were recorded at previous sessions. So what's the story with the music?'s pretty great. Mr. Hackett is still writing progressive rock. His playing is always inspired - whether acoustic or electric. Some of the tracks have a slow burn quality and others just blaze away. Whenever I hear his acoustic work I wish he would record a duet with Gordon Giltrap - that would be something to hear. I don't know if its studio wizardry or he's just gotten better but his vocals (which were previously a bit of a distraction) are totally fine. This one really hits the spot in the right way. Highly recommended.
  • "Four years after Not of This World, British neo proggers Pendragon return with a new album. As with every other Pendragon offering, the new CD, while staying true to the band's melodic roots and progressive orientation, has quite some new elements to offer. Nick Barrett's songwriting has certainly moved into a more acoustic-driven approach, utilising plenty of classical guitar, some flamenco, and even folky segments. Clive Nolan's input on keyboards seems to be slighlty reduced, especially if you are expecting a lot of keyboard-guitar interplay. However, Nolan is there in a different capacity. He helps create the dense and somewhat dreamy atmosphere on the album adding in quirky synth lines, various sound samples, and the classic Clive Nolan melodies fans of Pendragon and Arena have come to expect from him.The short title track signals what the listener should expect from Believe, encompassing a mystic, slightly Eastern feel with a vast array of sound samples, soft female vocals that seem to sing in Gaelic, thick threads of atmospheric elements, and an enigmatic blues solo. Surprisingly though, the band displays a more hard rock style on the next piece "No Place for the Innocent", a straightahead rocker that will please fans of Led Zeppelin and Queen. Don't be mistaken, however. This is still Pendragon with numerous changes of speed and rhythm and a great contrast between acoustic and electric guitar. "The Wisdom of Solomon" may be the best cut to represent Believe as a whole, and one of the highlights of the album. Female vocals, sound samples and Barrett's amazing lead guitar work characterized by instantly memorable melodies kick the song off, leading into a lengthy acoustic guitar interlude that is right up there with the brilliance of Andy Latimer's work. There is even a jolty electronic section in the middle which showcases the experimental edge of the album. On top of all we have Nick Barrett's vocals which sound even stronger and more passionate than before. The strong lyrical content also embeds the piece as one of the best Pendragon songs."The Wishing Well" is the epic of Believe, with a remarkable length that breaks the 20-minute mark. The song is divided into four sub-sections, each focusing on different movements and venturing into different musical areas. Granted the song is well written and performed, some Pendragon fans may be taken aback by the somewhat drawn-out narrated parts by Nick Barrett on "For Your Journey", as meticulous synth work and female vocals echo deep down in the mix. The Celtic feel of "So by Sowest" lends the album a welcome folk sound along with Nick's plucked acoustic guitars and passionate vocal delivery. "We Talked" adds in some groove with a wide range of ethnic and pastoral elements, leading into the final section, "Two Roads", perhaps the band's most similar song to their earlier works. The song embodies lofty acoustics, smooth e-bow, vibrant drumming, continuous speed changes, a stunning guitar theme with a very catchy main chorus that just doesn't let go. The mystic elements resurface on the bass-driven "Learning Curve" which ends with an interesting coda for Spanish guitar and bleeds into the most heart-breaking Pendragon finale in the form of "The Edge of the World". Both spoken and sung lyrics, some of which sound Polish, mood-intensive acoustic guitars, a soulful vocal performance, and an amazing guitar solo that goes on and on make this piece one of Barrett's best compositions in his 20-year career.Some Pendragon fans may find Believe lacking when it comes to huge symphonic sweeps of Clive Nolan's keys or they may miss Nick Barrett's memorable and melodious electric guitar hooks, or the drawn-out instrumental passages, but those who are expecting a mixture of all the strong sides of Pendragon melded together, with added acoustic beauty, will have Believe reach into their soul and take them on an ethereal musical journey." - Sea Of Tranquilty
  • New solo album from RPWL guitarist Kalle Wallner offers a neoprog fan's wetdream lineup: John Mitchell (Kino), John Jowitt (IQ), Paul Wrightson (Arena), and Clive Nolan (Pendragon).
  • Debut release from this Norwegian progressive ensemble immersed in the 70s sound.  Tusmorke began life as Les Fleurs Du Mal and featured Wobbler vocalist Andreas Prestmo.  They have since gone through changes of lineup and nae.  The band is heavily influenced by Jethro Tull, White Willow and Incredible String Band.  Its flute driven prog with a quirky psychedelic folk element.  The album was produced by Wobbler keyboardist Lars Fredrik Frøislie who contributes his arsenal to the album enhancing the prog vibe.  Mellotron freaks - its all here!  In addition to the album you get 3 bonus tracks of previously unreleased material from Les Fleurs Du Mal.  Highly recommended.[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_original","fid":"9132","attributes":{"alt":"","class":"media-image","height":"283","width":"400"}}]] 
  • The latest album finds Steven Wilson returning to the epic length tracks just like in the old days! Guest contributes from Robert Fripp as well. All is good in the world. Special pricing while supplies last.