The Crestfallen EP +Pentecost III

Metal/Hard Rock
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Early material from this UK doom band that had a strong death metal presence in former lead singer Darren White's vocals.

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  • Monumental album from Ritchie Blackmore/Ronnie James Dio. Worth it just for "Stargazer" alone. Remastered edition. Essential.
  • Complete show recorded at Roma in Warsaw, Poland in 2000.
  • Following two highly successful tours with established Progressive metalists PAIN OF SALVATION and two years of exacting work, DARK SUNS have finished their third album "Grave Human Genuine.""Grave Human Genuine" – this unconventional title was chosen with care and purpose, as it represents the three characteristic elements of this work: "Grave" signifies darkness, the sinister force, and the inevitable fate. "Human" is synonymous with the music’s inherent soul-depth, while "Genuine" means "real" or "authentic" and hence refers to DARK SUNS’ uncompromising approach to music.But what about the music? DARK SUNS don’t merely pick up where the successful predecessor "Existence" (2005) left off, they present themselves as many-facetted as never before. A clear nod to Doom, complex polyrhythms, unusual and diverse instruments and, last but not least, drummer NIKO KNAPPE’s characteristic yearning vocals comprise the album’s cornerstones. The variety of sounds stretches from angular Metal riff attacks via atmospheric ambient soundscapes and Techno reminiscences to Avant-garde influences – despite this complexity, an accomplished musical mosaic of enormous expressiveness.Exciting nuances are created by the incomparable bass of Pain Of Salvation’s long-time member KRISTOFFER GILDENLÖW, a friendly turn that resulted from the tours mentioned above, and DISILLUSION’s SCHMIDT’s guest vocals in "Flies In Amber."With "Grave Human Genuine," DARK SUNS have created a haunting album full of autonomy and instrumental class, self-consciously charting new musical territory. In this, the band from Leipzig embodies the essence of every true progressive band: compositional genius coupled with advancement. The dark suns radiate: gloomy, human and egregiously genuine.
  • "The first DVD by Primordial is a fact and the band delivers something really good. When all bands would release a DVD this way, the medium DVD could be very interesting for the record industry.‘All Empires Fall’ consists of two discs of which the first one contains the complete show that the band did on January 24th 2009 at the Button factory in Dublin in front of 800 fans. Quite a good number for a gig in Ireland. The show was recorded with five cameras and has been edited in a great way that is easy on the eyes. Some minor criticism is that at some points it’s perhaps a bit too dark. They probably used a filter making it all a bit darker, which fits the band of course but is a bit tiring after a while. Concerning the choice of songs there’s no complaints, every album is represented.The second DVD is perhaps the most interesting for the fans as it contains the complete history of the band, they tell it themselves with al the ins and outs. Really good to watch. This disc also contains songs from the shows at Ragnarok Festival in Germany, Hove Festival in Norway and Graspop in Belgium. From the last two mentioned w only get a couple of tracks and I guess that has a bit to do with the sound recording of these gigs that aren’t too good. Other than that this is a great DVD of which there is even a special edition containing two CD’s with the complete live show of the Dublin show in audio." - Lords Of Metal
  • Reissue of hard to find live EP recorded on King Crimson's 2001 tour opening for Tool.
  • Fifth album from the Polish prog band led by former Collage guitarist Mirek Gil.  The band clearly goes for a contemporary sound.  There are overt similarities to Riverside but the music has a more symphonic rock side.  I've always enjoyed Gil's guitar tone.  He plays with quite an expressive style.  In this case its nicely augmented by violin and keys.  Lots of prog coming from Poland.  Believe is one of the better bands to emerge from that scene.
  • Remaster of the band's third album comes with 5 bonus tracks. This one has some of their best toons...
  • "While moving spirit Christofer Johnsson happens to be involved in his next extraordinary prestigious project, the writing of a rock opera, fans can be cheered up this month with two interesting releases. There is not only a super deluxe edition of the classic album ‘Theli’ (more about that in the relevant review), but we also have a package that brims with audiovisual delight, a release to lick one’s chops. In this article we talk about the threefold (!) DVD ‘Adulruna Rediviva And Beyond’.Therion never does half work. We know that and that is tenable for this one too. That’s why we are enchanted by two DVD’s full of music and if you want you can watch a third one with bonus material. On DVD 1 one can find a show, registered in December 2007 in Hungary during the ‘Alduruna Rediviva’ tour to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Therion’s existence. At that time we also visited one of those special shows and we remember that the visual aspect with loads of requisites and theatrical elements (vocalist Snowy Shaw is a master in it) was without equals. This show was already shot a while ago, waiting at the shelf to be completed with another important live show, yet it remains the showpiece of this release. The entire album ‘Theli’ was played, expanded with numerous favourites chosen by fans. We see the previous line-up with the Niemann brothers on stage and Christofer still had his long manes. In Hungary we had a guest appearance of Messiah Marcolin (ex-Candlemass) and Piotr Wawrzeniuk (from ’93 till ’96 drums and vocals) in a couple of songs. It is a breathtaking show with no less than twenty-six songs performed. Quite rightly a show writing history.DVD 2 offers us the Therion headline show at the ProgPower festival in Atlanta in 2011. The line-up is drastically renewed, but they are doing a great job. The approach and the show element is less grand and bombastic, but on the other hand there are enough different songs from the other show, not on DVD 1. That’s why this is also a fine audio and visual experience. Those who also explore the third DVD will meet with some exceptional gadgets. In addition to a documentary and behind the scenes material, they have joined forces with Paolo Vallerga, the manufacturer of the board game Scribabs.  Finally there is an episode of the Japanese TV program ‘Amazing Voice’ in which Thomas Vikström starred as guest. Thus any unusual extras. That’s the way we know Therion. The whole package was graced with artwork from Thomas Ewerhard, an artist who has been working for Therion during fourteen years. Consequently this is all very special and surely worth your investment!" - Lords Of Metal
  • "The second live DVD release by the outstanding art-rock band from Poland. Believe's music appeals to the lovers of Collage, Satellite, Porcupine Tree or Pink Floyd. This concert was recorded in November 2011 in Wyspianski Theater in Poland. The DVD also includes over 100 minutes of additional video material: 2 bootleg videos, an interview with Mirek Gil and Karol Wr+Ýblewski, and "Music for One Leg" documentary!"
  • 2 track CD single taken from the "Remagine" disc, features the single version of "Being Everyone" as well as the previously unreleased track "Taste The Day".
  • DVD of the Texas doom metal monsters live in concert. FINALLY!!
  • New edition of this brilliant disc arrives in a hardbound digibook. For starters the album has been remastered. There is also an accompanying DVD (NTSC - Region 0) which has a 5.1 surround mix of the album as well as a live video of "Face Of Melinda" shot in 2006.
  • DVD featuring two complete gigs from 2009 - one from Sweden Rock and one from Athens. The CD is the audio to the Sweden Rock show.
  • A future classic of symphonic rock. Outstanding keyboard work is reminidscent of Wakefield and Moraz.